Monday, November 3, 2008


My MOPS group had a Trunk-or-Treat at the Church of Christ in Harlingen. We had a great time. No one there laughed at my costume, but David got a huge kick out of it when he saw me all decked out. David and I had a great time watching Allyssa have fun. She watched all the other kids and tried to figure out how to play with them. She didn't have much luck figuring that out. She doesn't seem to want to be an observer. She is a little dare devil, but right now she is more of an observer than not because she is so little and can't figure out how to do the neat tricks that the big kids do. Her time will come. She loved her lollipop and a wonderful grandma gave me a couple of little bags of animal crackers so that I could bribe the lollipop away from her. It worked. She loved the bouncy house. Sadly we couldn't get a good picture of her HUGE smile, but here is one of her in it anyways.

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