Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Having read 2 posts today on morning routines (see here and here) I figured I'd see if I could come up with a routine that I already follow so that I can see if I like it. Here goes:

1. Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast. OR Get Allyssa up, dress her, fix her breakfast and eat.
2. Play with Allyssa
3. Decide on the day's chores and do at least one with Allyssa
4. Play with Allyssa
5. Fix lunch and eat it

Yeah that's pretty much it. I think I like it. I "schedule" a lot of play time into most days. Although, some mornings do include a trip to the grocery store, MOPS, or Story Time. A lot of days are simply filled with play time. We try to go outside some of the time and be inside other parts of the day. This all depends on the heat.

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