Thursday, January 29, 2009

Very Pregnant Girl Update

This VPG is 32 weeks along according to the email that some company sent me. I'm due April 3, so if that isn't right, you can let me know. Anyways, if it is right, I'm one week shy of how far along I was when Allyssa was born. I've been trying to get things ready for when O.K. comes along. So far I have a few sandwich bags filled with cooked ground turkey sausage in a big freezer bag in the freezer. I'm hoping to get more and more of it cooked so that meals can be made quickly and easily by anyone with no defrost time. When Allyssa was born my diet went out the window. I ate a lot of prepackaged items that happened to be high in cholesterol at home and when I was in town at the hospital I usually ate chicken nuggets from McDonald's and french fries. Turns out eating a horrendous diet like that can make a girl's cholesterol go through the roof. Simply going back to my regular way of eating and making sure to eat healthy cereal did the trick. I dropped over 100 points off my cholesterol in just 3 months. This time, I don't plan on eating a lot of bad-for-me foods. I figure that I can tell my house guests where my favorite recipes are and where the meat is and they can fix it for me. We don't eat a lot of meat at my house. Mainly ground turkey sausage, and only 1/2 pound per meal; each meal is made to feed 2 adults supper one night and lunch the next day. Obviously, if there are a lot of guests, they'll have to use more meat, but if it is just 2 or 4 adults total, we'll do fine for supper. We might have to have something besides leftovers for lunch, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I also have cookie dough frozen in little balls in the freezer and a fresh batch of refried beans made. I think I'll need more of both of those, but it is a good start.
O.K.'s room is looking good. We've got it painted, most pictures on the wall, the guest room furniture out, and most needed things purchased. We are now working on getting the office set up as a guest room and contemplating moving the office to the den. We'll see.
As far as PIH symptoms go, I'm doing okay. Today I got a little worried because I felt nauseous and had a bit of a headache, but I took 2 Tylenol (only my second time to do this this pregnancy) and ate lunch. Now I'm feeling better. I have an appointment on Monday, so I'll ask to have more tests run if they don't run them without my asking. Maybe we'll get to talk about when they'll schedule my C-section. Last I checked, the doctor would only say that I would have a c-section at 39 weeks unless she changed her mind. If she doesn't set a date, maybe I can figure out what day of the week she typically does them. I know that Allyssa's was an emergency, so it wasn't necessarily on the day they normally do it, so that doesn't help me.

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