Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's back...

We went outside to play this morning. Allyssa was in a good mood. We had a good time. By the time we came inside, I noticed she wasn't as happy as she had been. It got worse as lunch approached. I noticed that it wasn't hunger or sleepiness or need for a diaper change. Then, after she went down for a nap, I went out to check the mail. It wasn't hard to see what it was. It's back. The sky was an odd color to the north of us. The wind is blowing from the north, so it is making its way in. A few minutes later, I looked out the kitchen window and saw the whole sky was now consumed. The light shining in the window wasn't a normal shade. The smell is on my clothes from just the few minutes outside getting the mail. My poor baby. She'll be sick for a few days at least. Hopefully it will be gone soon. I thought it was gone until next fall, but they must burn in January, too. I hate sugar cane season. Allyssa will have to have her bedding cleaned daily and baths each night until this is gone. Please, smoke, go away soon!

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