Monday, January 5, 2009

January photos

I'm never going to catch up with my photos, so I'll just start with January.

Allyssa insisited that Daddy play tea party with her. He got up to get water (and to try to get out of wearing the hat) and came back and sat on the couch, but Allyssa turned to face him, pointed at him and the chair he was supposed to sit in and then reached towards him with the hat. Obviously, he was supposed to sit with her and wear the hat. They really did have a good time. David kept trying to take the hat off, but Allyssa wasn't upset, she just kept giving it back to him. She came up with this by herself. I hadn't played tea party with her yet.

We hadn't had a toilet paper issue with Allyssa until this occured a couple of days ago. Silly girl.

Allyssa was given this wagon by her Grandma and Grandpa. She filled it herself with her favorite stuffed animals and dolls and took them for a walk around the house.

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