Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Each day a little easier

So I feel badly for David that he isn't going to have nearly as many pictures of himself as a baby as Allyssa did. It is a fact of life I guess. So far he just sleeps, eats, and poops. He's not up for long periods of time, so I would just be taking a picture of a sleeping baby. I'm really going to have to do that so that we can have a few pictures of him though.
Allyssa is getting much better at tantrum throwing. I've decided that it is probably a combination of three things. 1. She's almost 2. 2. She's teething. 3. She has a new brother. We are letting her throw her little fits, but we aren't allowing her to throw them in front of us. Yesterday, I tried taking her to her room. This is difficult since I am not supposed to pick her up. This idea might have to wait. But it did work. When she was done she came to me and said that she wanted to play. Sarah, my sis-in-law, told me that I should make whatever I'm doing look more attractive than her tantrum. That was the real winner! I noticed a little thingy that she liked to play with was sitting on top of a bookshelf and had probably been there for a few weeks, so I got it down and started playing with it. She saw me playing with it when she came out of her room the first time (she wasn't done throwing a fit, so she had to go back to her room). She quickly decided that it was not fun to be in her room and she came out to play. Hooray! She really never threw fits before David was born, but I guess that it was bound to happen.
I can fit into one pair of prepregnancy capris! I'm down 20 pounds and want to loose 10-15 more. I hope to be in a pair of prepregnancy shorts soon! Wish me luck!

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Sarah said...

You got me started thinking--I don't know where our baby pictures of Michal are. I was sure we took some. We got this computer in spring of 2007, so I have pictures from then on, but that leaves 2 years unaccounted for. Hmmmm.