Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I had a doctor apt. I'm fine. I was supposed to have a babysitter watch Allyssa, but at 5:30 last night my sitter cancelled. It was too late to get another sitter without being super rude, so Allyssa came with me. David had dressed her this morning before he knew the temperature, so when I opened the door to load her up in the car, I quickly had to shut the door, take off her skirt and sandles, grab pants, socks and shoes, and re-dress her. Then I put on socks and shoes myself, but didn't have time to switch to pants. I grabbed her jacket and quickly put it on her as I rushed to get her in the car. I brought along the book A Dragon in a Wagon. We made it all the way to the office without having to resort to a snack in the car or the special book. All she wanted was Caillou's Community and water. She didn't start fussing until we were about 2 blocks away. Pretty good. At the doctor's office, I was told that 4 ladies were in labor and the doctor could leave anytime. Go pee in a cup and wait to be called. As we waited to be called into a room, I gave Allyssa the special book. She had me read it to her so many times that the lady sitting near us sighed with relief when she was called into a room. I don't blame her. I would have liked a room without that book, too. In the room, I struggled to keep her occupied until I had to undress. Then the doctor came in and asked why I was undressed to which I replied, "The nurse told me to." Oh well. Allyssa was very upset about the doctor being there. She threw a fit. The doctor picked her up and handed her to me on the examination table. That wasn't fun at all. She cried as I held her and had to lay down to get measured and then sit up all holding her with one arm on this skinny table. She cried until I finally got dressed. Then we headed to the store because I can't buy ground turkey sausage at my Wal-mart and was out of it. Allyssa wasn't a fan of stopping, but goldfish crackers kept her from being too angry in the store. Then we headed home. The whole way home she kept asking for songs or books or simply fussing. We finally made it home and she didn't want to come inside. By the way, I had to pee and was dressed in shorts and was freezing. I made her come inside after I got the car unloaded. That did not make her happy, so she threw a fit on the floor. When she was done with that, she came to see what I was doing in the workshop. I was putting the meat in the freezer. She decided she should play in the worshop, but she isn't allowed to because there are too many dangerous things in there for a little girl, so she threw another fit when I removed her. Then I got her jacket and shoes off and put away and got her diaper changed. I got lunch on the table and told her it was time to eat. She threw a fit because she had to leave her toy mommy and daddy behind. She ate one, maybe two bites. Then told me she was done. Undoubtedly it had to do with the goldfish. Oh well. So I got to eat hardly anything and went to put her down for a nap. She fell asleep at noon only to wake up several times coughing until finally staying awake at about 12:20. I tried to rock her back to sleep once I realized that she wasn't going to settle down herself, but that failed, so she spent the rest of naptime awake in her crib while I cried and tried to get chores done. What a great day this has been!

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