Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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So getting rid of satelite didn't help last night because Redbox has a code for a free movie rental on Monday nights. So last night, we used Redbox for the first time. I'd seen the Redbox in our Wal-mart several times and walking past it saw several movies that I wanted to watch, however, yesterday when I went the movies were all different than before and there were very few that I'd heard of. So I used my code to get Fireproof. David and I watched it last night and both of us would recommend it to married couple to watch (that's who its target audience is). So last night was not a good example of getting things done. However, tonight, David starts his new adult instruction class at church, so since I'll be home "alone" (girly will be asleep), I'll be getting some things done! That's good because I'm running out of time to get things done before O.K. is born.

Since this blog is supposed to be about Allyssa (I deleted me other blog, so you'll have deal with a few non-Allyssa things), here is what is going on with her:

1. She loved collecting, piling up, and counting sticks a month and a half or so ago.
2. She dropped that hobby for playing with her "pebble cup," which she filled with pebbles and dirt and would dump out all over herself.
3. She gave that up for Lent and now likes to go lizard hunting. (Okay, so she still likes sticks and pebbles, but the new cool thing to do is look for lizards and say "Lizard, where are ye?" Her "you" sounds more like a "ye" when she is singing this question to the lizards.
4. She liked having a stuffed bear "hold" crayons (really Mommy or Daddy held them against the bear's paw) and color with her.
5. She gave that up for having the stuffed bear "Run Run Run Run Run" around the house "holding" a balloon while she held the bear. (I just wrapped the string around the bear's paw to keep it from floating off.)
6. She likes to repeat EVERYTHING anyone says multiple times in a row. So make sure that you don't say anything you don't want repeated, and repeated, and repeated. Although that hasn't happend to me yet, and I'm hoping it doesn't, I can see how it could be a problem.

And since I don't have another blog to post this list on, here is a list of things that Allyssa and I accomplished so far this week (Monday and Tuesday):
1. Trips to Walmart and HEB
2. 3 loads of laundry (this is, of course, in addition to the one load of diapers done daily that doesn't get counted)
3. Tags snipped off of O.K.'s new clothes that we were gifted to us at the baby shower this weekend. (Allyssa liked jumping on and rolling around in the pile of clothes on the floor when I was all done.)
4. Furniture dusted (Allyssa really enjoys this)
5. Whole house vacuumed
6. Kitchen and Den swept
7. Snacks, meals, playtime, normal life stuff, etc...

I would say that that is a very productive list. And the week continues with plans of trying to organize O.K.'s dresser and figure out what I want to pack for him to wear home from the hospital. Oh and packing the new baby doll (that's right another one!! I think this will be like #20) that we'll give Allyssa, oh and getting my clothes repacked since I robbed my packed bag of them so that I could wear them. (I had it packed before I went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago for tests, just in case, so that David would know what to bring me.) Who knows what else we'll get done! We're on a roll!

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