Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet things she says...Silly things she says...

No matter how tired I am or how much my feet hurt, I jump up and run when I hear this over the baby monitor during nap time,
so quiet and with a sleepy and scratchy voice, she calls for me after a coughing spell to comfort her so she can go back to sleep. Sweetest thing I've ever heard.

"Water need." So I get her a cup of water. "Thank you, Daddy...Mommy...Thank you Mommy." She gets mixed up a little and says it to Daddy first, but she knows who I am and corrects herself.

The other day David mowed the lawn. He came inside to get an extension cord to plug in the blower to blow off the driveway. When he left I said to Allyssa, "Daddy is stinky." Of course "stinky" is a fun word to say, so she practiced that for a while saying "Daddy nink-nee." I thought it was absolutly hilarious, but didn't want to encourage her to call her Daddy stinky, so I quickly told her not to worry that he'd take a shower when he came in. When he came in she said to him, "Take shower." It wasn't a statement of fact, but rather in the tone of a request. I smiled and kept my mouth shut. Off he went to get a shower having no clue what new word Allyssa had learned. So while he was getting cleaned up, I had her practice saying "Daddy smells good." She knew all of those words, so I didn't think it would be a problem. He came out of the shower and she ran to him and all on her own says, "Daddy nink-nee. Take shower." I died laughing, so David asked me what she'd said. I told him and then prompted her to tell him he smelled good. She said "Daddy smell gooood." Then, she gave him a big hug.

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