Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What we did today...

Today was busy. Well, I'm not sure about the whole day because it is just after noon right now, but the morning was busy. Allyssa and I had breakfast and got dressed and played and read books and went outside and played on the swings and played with the dog, and ate a snack, and ran outside to watch a train. That's quite a sentence, but that's the way it felt. After all of that I was finally able to convince her that we should go to the store. Cantelope was the key word for her. Sadly, she thought we were just going to HEB. She was totally unprepared for our excursion. We did go to HEB and picked up said cantelope, some lettuce, generic chocolate chips because stupid Wal-mart doesn't carry them anymore, broccoli, floss, and we did not get tortilla chips because they didn't have the size of bag that I wanted (that's the story of my life when it comes to HEB and Wal-mart). Then we went to Wal-mart. My goal was to buy TONS of stuff that we use often and everyday so that once the baby is born we will only need things like milk, bread, and fresh produce. I'm sure this idea is pie in the sky, but it is a noble goal. I was so proud of my coupons. I saved $10.75 because of them. Included in that amount was my free bottle of Suave conditioner that was valued at $3.00. Thank you Suave. And I can't forget to mention the bars of kid's soap from Johnson and Johnson that were priced at $.97 and I used a dollar off coupon, making these three bars of soap free! Oh and this morning when I gave Allyssa a snack, I quickly checked to see if there were any good coupons that were blogged about and found this which led me to the coupon for Arm and Hammer's Clean Shower. Not only did I have a $.75 off coupon, but the product was also on sale! Hooray! Combine all of that with my other coupons (toothpaste, toiletpaper, etc...), and I think that my coupons did me quite well today. Almost all of my other products were generic because Great Value makes their noodles, tomato sauce, southern style beans, pinto beans, cereal, etc...just fine for us. My cart was overflowing. Well, almost. It was quite the expensive trip for me, but I think that it will really help us out in the long run. When we got home, I unloaded the few items that needed to be refrigerated/frozen and got Allyssa busy playing before sticking lunch in the microwave (ah - the blessings of leftovers). Then I unloaded all of these groceries and household products and put them away. All this before lunch! What a morning! Sadly, Allyssa did not get worn out and she is awake in her crib. Dear God, please help this child sleep!

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